Gran Canaria is without doubt one of the islands of the archipelago with the greatest variety of natural landscapes, appreciated by millions of tourists from all over the world who have been choosing this destination for decades, mainly because of its fantastic climate all year round.

Owning a bungalow or a house here in the south is a good way to earn extra income by renting it out to tourists. We know, the contact with the clients, the cleaning, the laundry, the 24/7 opening hours, the lack of knowledge of the market prices are deterrents that sometimes lead owners to give another destination to their property.

We have been managing homes since 2017 with excellent results and we invite you to contact us, you will be pleasantly surprised with our conditions. And you will no longer have to think about anything.

If you have a property in the south of Gran Canaria and you want to rent it when you are not on the island, or simply want to get a profit from it, contact us!


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Our services are totally customisable:

- Compliance with tourist legislation

- Photographic service

- Publicity in the main tourist channels

- Promotions in our social networks

- Contact with clients

- Presential checkout, to make sure everything is in order

- Communication with the National Police for the transmission of the Travel Parties

- Use of a software with access to the owner, which can check the business at any time.

- Cleaning service

- Laundry service


We take care of everything!