Pride Properties is a relative newcomer to the real estate sector in Gran Canaria. We have applied our 22 years of experience in other sectors here in Gran Canaria to respond to a niche in the market. We adopt an entirely customer-orientated approach and never focus on bricks and mortar and apply a common sense, but good customer service approach to our business.

  • We listen very carefully to what our customers tell us.
  • We only offer products that the customer wants.
  • We always deliver and fulfil on our promises.
  • We are always transparent and honest
  • We play the long game and take care of each and every customer.
  • We know satisfied clients are our best marketing tool.
  • Pride Properties has very quickly gained a solid reputation from word of mouth recommendations from our happy clients. By using social networks and new technologies we respond quickly and efficiently.
  • We listen exactly to what you want, act as your agent and collaborate with many other reputable estate agents so we can find you the perfect property that suits you. We don’t try to convince you to tailor your needs just to fit the properties in our portfolio.